Monday, June 10, 2013

Jane's Star Again

These are pictures from the second "Jane's Star" class.
There have been requests for another but it will probably not be until Fall.
To see pictures from the first class go here.

 After the star pieces are cut out I have each student lay their stars out both ways. It is funny how so often the students think they know how they want it, but after laying it out both ways they will change their minds.

Patti's star both ways.

Helen's star both ways. 
It was so funny how Helen was insistent that she knew which way she was placing her star. It took a lot of encouraging to get her to lay it out the other way. Guess what; she changed her mind and went with the second way. 

Julia's star both ways.

Patti's star with some of the setting blocks sewn in.

Julia and Helen came to our "Sew Around the Clock" and worked on there Jane's Star. 
Don't they look great?

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