Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Starting a New One

I have decided that for Christmas I am going to make my husband a quilt. One time earlier this year he made a comment that I never made him a quilt. Actually I did make him a wall hanging that is on his office wall at work, but I have never made one especially for him to cover up with. So, I want to make him one that is special for him. Since my thing is the longarm quilting the quilt will have plain blocks and a large border to highlight the quilting. 

I have spent quite a bit of time contemplating this quilt. I ordered quilting patterns for the blocks in the spring. He is a hunter so the quilting patterns are deer, elk, moose, etc. I bought the fabric in June on a trip to Lancaster. So, I have had months to consider what this quilt will look like.

I have decided to keep the piecing simple. I want the quilting to be the main event. The quilt is going to be a 9-patch with alternating plain blocks with sashing and cornerstones. It is just going to be a throw so the center is fairly small because the border we be about 10 inches to accommodate the quilting. 

In the pictures is all of my sketching and figuring out the quilt top and the fabric cutting. I usually do this on graph paper but when I decided to work on this quilt this is the paper I had with me.

Here are some blocks I was initially considering ,but I decided to go with the 9-patch.

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B-Z-Quilting said...

It sounds wonderful, can't wait to see pictures of the finished quilt. What a great Christmas present!