Monday, April 17, 2017

Fearless Quilting in Wonderland

Katie Fowler came to Bayside Quilters on the Eastern Shore of Maryland from Denver Colorado. Laura, one of our members saw Katie on The Quilt Show in May of last year. Laura was very excited and the same day the show first aired she contacted me about getting Katie to Bayside.

Well, almost a year later Katie made it to Maryland, and it was worth the wait!

After Katie's lecture on Wednesday I could not tell you how many people came up to me and expressed how much they enjoyed it. Katie's lecture was funny, informative, and inspirational. Katie may be an art quilter but her lecture was appealing to everyone.  I was impressed by the number of traditional quilters that told me how much they liked it. 

Everyone that took her class received a copy of Katie's book, An Artist's Journey through WonderlandJourney through Wonderland and discover how to overcome creativity crushers like procrastination, perfectionism and resistance. Learn about acceptance from the Caterpillar, creative chaos from the Mad Hatter and courage from Alice. In Wonderland find useful quotes to inspire and motivate you to be your most creative self. Grow and bloom with lighthearted lessons from Alice's adventures.

In the 1-1/2 day class Katie taught us many ways to mark and color on fabric. We used pencils, pens, markers and paints. Katie strived to get us out of our box and be creative. One of the most important things she tried to get across to us is that there are no rules and DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!

We came away from this class so excited and inspired that we are planning on starting a bee so we can work together on this type of project on a monthly basis. 

After the class most of the ladies told me that THIS WAS THE BEST CLASS THEY HAVE EVER TAKEN! 

Once we were done painting Katie encouraged us to cut it up, mix it up, and put it back together to make a quilted wall hanging. 

This is my painting and then cut up. 

This is piece belongs to Alice.

 This belongs to Ann B. 

This belongs to Carol C.

This is Cindy's piece.

I am not sure but I think this one belongs to Sharon P.

This belongs to Judy.

Laura did not cut hers up. 

This belongs to Margaret R. 

This is Sandy's piece.

This is Sharon M's.

This is Suze's piece. 

This piece belongs to Sylvia.

 Barbara G. did not cut hers up.

I do not know who this one belongs to. A few of the students worked on a second piece and I think this was someone's second piece. 

I am not sure who this belongs to either. 

I think these two belongs to Victoria and she chose not to cut them up.

Anne J. did not cut hers up.

This one belongs to Jeanne.

 This one belongs to Ruth.

This is the piece that Katie demoed on for the class.

Katie also demoed her method of lettering. 

Did I mention that Katie is my new best friend!

Click HERE to learn more about Katie Fowler. 


Sue Leonard said...

Sounds as if Katie Fowler shared the "Western" approach to living with everyone at the workshop. As a native Maryland girl living in Steamboat Springs Colorado for the past 8 1/2 yrs I have found that thinking outside the box is a prevelant way of living here in Colorado. Welcomed and appreciated. After all, it is the wild, wild west! Glad it was a great workshop.
Candy, I enjoyed this blog posting every much.

Candy said...

Sue, It has been so long since I posted I am glad to know someone actually read this. Thanks for the comment!

Margaret Adele Parker said...

It was so nice to see the work that was done in Katie's workshop. Thank you for an insight into your experience.