Sunday, July 8, 2012

We Moved the Longarm

My son was home this week for vacation. I thought that while he was home it would be the perfect time to move the longarm to the shop. My husband, son, and I took it apart and moved it.

Good thing my husband has a pick up truck and a 12 foot trailer. On Wednesday, yes on July 4th, we took the longarm apart and moved some of it to the shop.

On Thursday we moved the rest of it and put it back together. It was a good thing we moved it when my son was home; I don't think we could have done it without him. It is always nice to have an engineer to help put something back together.

At home my longarm was in the garage. I am so excited to be out of the garage and into this beautiful sunny room.

Before and after moving the longarm there was plenty of time to swim.

Huck is not too sure about the pool.

Huck is a lab so he does need to learn to swim.

Huck does not want to let go.

As soon as he can, Huck heads right back to the steps.

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Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

Candy - I like your new background. It's so easy to change once you get use to doing it. I change my background every time I post! There are 'widgets' you can add such as countdown clickers ... slide shows, etc.

You have a very nice family and looks like everyone enjoyed the pool - except the dog! Next time have someone in the pool try tempting him with a treat that he needs to swim for.

All the best - Katie