Sunday, January 1, 2012


Below is a list of quilts that I am working on. I have no illusion of finishing them this year, but I would like to work on them.

This first quilt I have not actually started yet, but I would like to get a lot done on it this year. I will be using the fabrics that were given to me as a gift for my 50th birthday.
 The back will have this fabric that was signed by my family and friends that attended my party. I am not certain of the pattern I will use but I am leaning toward this one "Mod Medallions."

I plan on working on my second Joseph's Coat that I started in 2011.

This "Classic Bouquet Quilt" was started in a class at Bayside Quilters many years ago, probably about 2003 or 2004. Originally it was to be hand appliqued but I most likely will be machine appliqueing it.

 This bluebird quilt is hand appliqued. It was started in the Baltimore Bee of Bayside Quilters a long time ago. I really do not know when it was started, maybe 2004?
 The pattern has 9 blocks. I decided to do 4 thinking that way I would get it done. Just one more block to go. Maybe someday I will get it done.

This is my personal Baltimore Album. This is the quilt that I always wanted to make. It is hand appliqued and the final 2 blocks will also be hand appliqued.
 Each block is significant to me.
 When I get it finished I will explain each block.
 Some of the blocks I designed.
 The thing that is holding me up is that I want to design the final 2 blocks.
 I really just need to make it a priority.
 I think I started this quilt in 2005 and I have not worked on it since 2006.

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Dora, the Quilter said...

I absolutely love quilts that have been years in the making. I'm hoping you'll be able to make the progress you want to make on each of them!